My Philosophy

Regardless of what we have in life..

Regardless of what we do in life..

Regardless of who we are..

It is the people we spend our precious time with, that makes it all worthwhile

It is the deep human connection that makes us feel alive.

The Problem

More than 31% of human beings struggle with social anxiety..

Causing people to feel small, not good enough, disconnected, judged and rejected.

Social anxiety causes self-inflicted isolation. 

Leaving people feeling alone in life - and ultimately not fully living.

It forces people to miss out on the most important element to being human.

My Vision

For every man to live a full life.

To feel he belongs. To feel he is love. To feel he is important.

For every man to share this human experience.

My Mission

To help every man become who he wants to be.

Live the life he wants to live.

With the people he wants to be with.

My Principles

Your Beliefs Creates Your Reality

I believe our minds are powerful beyond measure. What you believe shapes what you think and feel. What you think and feel shapes your behavior. Your behavior creates your outcomes. Your outcomes shape your reality.

Anything Is Possible

I believe if you want something in life, you CAN get it. You are capable of ANYTHING. The only thing that holds people back is their MIND - What they believe is possible, who they believe they are. Take control of your beliefs and you take control of your life.

Mental Experience Is Your Superpower

I believe that experience shapes our beliefs. Most people let "real world" experience control what they believe. But I believe you can use mental experience (thoughts + imagination) to change your beliefs and change your entire life.

Desire Is The Cause Of All Suffering

I believe all suffering is caused by desire and whether subtle or obvious, suffering is inevitable. A desire is a contract you make with yourself, to feel temporarily unhappy to a certain degree, until said desire is fulfilled. The more desires you have, the more you suffer. 

Focus On 1 Thing

I believe that desire is inevitable. It isn't "wrong" to desire. But if you have too many desires, you get paralyzed in suffering. So identify your ONE BURNING desire, hyper-focus on its fulfillment and completely let go of all other desires. Doing so, will bring you more happiness and you will achieve your desires faster.

Peace From Mind

I believe the mind is a servant, not a master. When people say they want to be happy, they really want to find peace. We often say "peace OF mind" but really we want "peace FROM mind". Our mind goes quiet during the moments of greatest pleasure. Your mind is a tool. Use it when you need it. And enjoy peace from mind the rest of the time.